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Description : At the age of eight years old, I lost two things: my parents and something that most people take for granted.

One man, a man named Ian Braxton, made it his mission to heal me, to save me, and to show me a world that previously had been only a dream to me. He’s a self-absorbed, demeaning, arrogant, and womanizing millionaire. When our worlds collide, his struggles become mine, and mine become his, leaving us with one question: How much would you give up to be with someone who was meant to be yours?That was true until Ellery Lane walked into his life by accident and changed his life forever.He begins experiencing feelings and emotions that he never felt before and finds himself being drawn into her world.He makes it so easy to hate him, but so very hard to resist him. Description :      ~New York Times Bestselling Novel~Forever You is the highly demanded sequel to USA Today’s Bestseller, Forever Black.Connor Black’s life consisted of his company and his use of multiple women.

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